Are You A Wound Care Specialist?

Skin Ulcer on Achilles Tendon
Skin Ulcer on Achilles Tendon

One persistent and annoying condition with my reconstructed leg is the occasional skin ulcer, which will sometimes result from a nick or breakdown in my grafted skin. Over the years, I’ve become an amateur wound care specialist, employing what I learned in the hospital and from reliable resources on the web.

Right now, I have one the size of a quarter on my Achillies tendon and, if this one is like the others I’ve had before, it will take about 6 months to completely close up. So, I will probably use pressure with zinc impregnated gauze, as well as open air now and again. If you have grafted skin as a result of necrotizing fasciitis, a burn or other reconstructive surgery, here are a few helpful links to help you heal.

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