CDC Features – Necrotizing Fasciitis: A Rare Disease, Especially for the Healthy

If you’re healthy, have a strong immune system, and practice good hygiene and proper wound care, your chances of getting necrotizing fasciitis (“flesh-eating” bacteria) are extremely low.

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via CDC Features – Necrotizing Fasciitis: A Rare Disease, Especially for the Healthy.

Finding the Humor in a Twist of Fate: The Boston Globe

kreiter_lautzenheiser4_gSUZANNE KREITER/GLOBE STAFF

BU alum Will Lautzenheiser became a comic after losing his limbs while battling a fierce, deadly infection.

Will Lautzenheiser loved teaching in the film department at Boston University, his alma mater. But as an adjunct professor, he wanted some security. When he was offered a faculty position at Montana State University in 2011, he grabbed the opportunity.

“If I didn’t blow it there,” he says, looking back, “I could have had a good full-time job.”

It’s a funny choice of words. Lautzenheiser didn’t “blow” it, he contracted a fierce, deadly infection just as he was starting his first semester. To save his life, the staff at a Salt Lake City trauma unit made the terrible but life-saving decision to amputate all four of his limbs.

via Finding the humor in a twist of fate – Lifestyle – The Boston Globe.

NovaBay Pharma and NeutroPhase Wound Cleanser

China has the highest number of reported cases of necrotizing fasciitis, or ‘flesh-eating’ disease of any nation in the world.

This is news to me! I’m also surprised to learn that China is experiencing a huge rise in diabetes.

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Is This The Book Cover?

BookCoverWe had an assignment in my 2 dimensional design class to come up with a non-fiction book cover, which emphasizes the sub-title over everything else. The goal of the exercise was to experiment with visual hierarchy or placing emphasis on the most important elements in a commercial design. I haven’t given up on my goal to write a book-length account of my brawl with NF. This would not be the cover – for one thing, the image is not mine. And, I think I would have a different sub-title and put that second or third in the visual hierarchy. However, I like the title 72 Hours, connected to the image of a ticking clock. As I tell people who wonder if I’m still contagious, “you have 72 hours to kill it or it kills you.” When NF strikes, the clock starts running and you have roughly 3 days to stop the onslaught — after that, it’s over. The bacteria is eliminated or the bacteria and its host both die. So, we’ll see about that book now.