Moving On Back

Well, quite a while back I thought I would shut down this website and move all my posts over to Facebook. But, interested folks continue to visit and I’m still dealing with the results of surviving necrotizing fasciitis 21 years ago. I hope I can continue to provide resources to those affected by the disease.

Recently, there was some concern I may develop a Marjolin’s ulcer on my Achilles tendon and so I’ve been seeking treatment for over two years and have been in active wound care for the past six months. In November I finally had a Moh’s procedure to remove a squamous cell carcinoma and covered the wound with a split-thickness skin graft. The cancer appears to have recently developed — the offending cells were on the surface around the perimeter of the wound and hadn’t moved down into the tissue. Caught it just in the nick of time, I think.

You can read more about Marjolin’s ulcers in the link and I hope to talk a bit more about my course of treatment in upcoming posts. Meanwhile, you can also find me over on Facebook.