NNFF Names NovaBay’s (NBY) NeutroPhase Its Official Wound Cleanser

“For years, we at the NNFF could only offer emotional support to patients with this terrible disease and to their families,” said NNFF co-founder and executive director Jacqueline Roemmele. “But now, withNeutroPhase, we can offer real hope of an approach that can save lives and prevent patients from losing arms, legs and other body parts.”

via NNFF Names NovaBay’s (NBY) NeutroPhase Its Official ‘Flesh-Eating Disease’ Wound Cleanser.


IMG_5546Back in September, I posed the question, “Are you a wound care expert?” At that time, I thought the hole on my Achilles tendon would take about 6 months to heal. In November, I was able to give an update, as the skin began to grow together. The wound has finally closed and I am back to walking around in flip-flops, even though it’s in the 30s or 40s outdoors. My wound care procedure has been tried and proven a number of times over the years: prayer, cleaning with warm soap and water alone, zinc impregnated gauze, and pressure — lots of pressure. Thank you all for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. If you are suffering from a skin ulcer or similar condition, check out my earlier posts of links to wound care sites on the web.

Christmas Gift to People Suffering From “Flesh Eating” Disease

Dr. John Crew has an amazing record. I wish this therapy was around in ’98.

The new treatment for NF was pioneered by Dr. John Crew, director of the Advanced Wound Care Center at Seton Medical Center in Daly City, CA. Dr. Crew has now overseen the use of NeutroPhase in the care of more than two dozen NF patients, such as Lori Madsen, Jared Hamilton and Michael Meillon. None of the patients he treated has died. None has lost a limb or any body part.

via Christmas Gift to People Worldwide Suffering From “Flesh Eating” Disease: NovaBay Pharmaceuticals and the National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation Will Offer New Life- and Limb-Saving Treatment At No Charge to Patients Worldwide – Yahoo Finance.

NovaBay Pharma and NeutroPhase Wound Cleanser

China has the highest number of reported cases of necrotizing fasciitis, or ‘flesh-eating’ disease of any nation in the world.

This is news to me! I’m also surprised to learn that China is experiencing a huge rise in diabetes.

You can read more about China and NeutroPhase here: NovaBay Pharma NBY Receives Additional 150K Units NeutroPhase Order.

More Exciting News!

“Doctor develops simple treatment for flesh-eating disease” is a headline that will catch your eye, if you’ve ever been through the torturous, almost medieval treatment required to arrest necrotizing fasciitis. It looks as if Dr. John Crew is onto something:

Typically, necrotizing fasciitis is treated with heavy doses of intravenous antibiotics, along with extensive surgery to remove dead tissue.

Crew’s technique keeps the antibiotics but tries to avoid the repeated surgeries. Doctors irrigate wounds from necrotizing fasciitis with a solution of hypochlorous acid that was developed by NovaBay Pharmaceuticals in Emeryville, then drain the wound with a negative-pressure vacuum apparatus.

You can read more about the treatment in this informative article.

The National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation is working with Dr. Crew to get the word out:

MEDINA, OhioJune 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation (NNFF) today announced a campaign to raise awareness of the tragic inadequacy of the current standard of care for necrotizing fasciitis, or ‘flesh-eating’ infection —and to push for the adoption of new treatments for this deadly condition. “Too many people are losing their lives or their limbs because the current standard of care simply doesn’t work,” said Jacqueline Roemmele, executive director of the NNFF. “But there is a promising new treatment that doctors can adopt.”

Promising New Drug!

My sister is a medical writer. She pointed me to some news this week, which may be of interest for those of us who have been affected by necrotizing fasciitis and, perhaps, those who will encounter the disease in the future:

Late today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Cubist Pharmaceuticals’ tedizolid phosphate (SIVEXTRO™) for the treatment of acute adult bacterial skin and skin structure infections, or ABSSSIs. Sivextro is indicated for infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria that include: Staphylococcus aureus (including methicillin-resistant (MRSA) and methicillin-susceptible (MSSA) isolates), Streptococcus pyogenies

You can read more about Sivextro in Forbes magazine and here.