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Brian Shul
Brian Shul was flying a mission as a Foreign Air Advisor during the Vietnam conflict, when his aircraft was shot down near Cambodia and he "impacted the jungle" in a fireball. Brian miraculously survived, but that's not the end of the story. Read his incredible account and view some of his beautiful photography. I saw Brian at an air show in Grass Valley and noticed his grafted skin. At the time, I still had a lot of questions about how much sun I could take and how to care for my skin. Brian looked tan and didn't seem to be ducking the sun like I was. So, I got his brochure and wrote to him. He was very helpful and his story is a real inspiration.
They were the first and remain the first site to go to for information about this terrible disease. The National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation was there for my friends and family when I was diagnosed with the disease in 1998. Formed by Donna Batdorf and Jackie Roemelle, NNFF is an invaluable resource.
We have a number of books, tapes and CDs available through Amazon.com. Please check them out.

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